• Spend time with Corgi dogs. A lot of people saw these beautiful dogs of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke breed, you can just Corgi. These unforgettable four-legged friends in red and black dressing gowns)) belong to the shepherd family, and shepherd dogs, as you know, a very smart breed, have unusual charisma, they show emotions that will not leave you indifferent (they can smile), if possible, they can to cheat, but if there is an opportunity to lick you, they will not miss it! We invite you to the Forest Elf Nursery. Here you can play, hug, take pictures, take a memory of selfies with our favorites Corgi dogs. Geographically located 23 km from Minsk (Barrow of Glory), 20 minutes drive.

A few steps to choose a pet


Choose a pet

You can choose a pet directly on the website or during a personal visit to us.

Make an appointment

After making a choice we fix an appointment to get acquainted

We make out the documents

After coordination of all the nuances we draw up the sales documents.

Pet addiction to a new family

Within a few weeks there is an adaptation to new housing conditions.

About the breed

This breed is of Wales origin, where it served as one of the first shepherd's dogs. The Welsh Corgi breed became popular in the 10th century. According to historical data, the possible origin of this kind of dog is from the Swiss Walhund or Icelandic dog.
One of the legends tells that puppies were presented to people by fairies. Corgi served as draught-dogs for fairies. This explains the mark in the form of a saddle on the back.
The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a shepherd family. Due to short stature and powerful short paws, the dog deftly maneuver between the cattle hooves, this makes it the best in shepherd's work.
The dogs of this attractive breed have an inexpressible success, but despite this the corgi first participated in the exhibition only in 1892, where it attracted a lot of attention. In a short time the Welsh Corgi Pembroke has spread throughout the world. In 1933 the Duke of York presented Welsh Corgi puppies to his daughters Elizabeth (now Elizabeth II) and Margaret Rose, this event produced the greatest popularity of this breed.


1When the puppy should be vaccinated for the first time, vaccinations?
The first vaccine is from one and a half month old, the rest are from two months old. The puppy should be given an anthelmintic drug in ten days before the vaccination.
2Puppy food and its amount?
We feed Royal Canin Mini Starter by age, the portion is indicated on the package, you can add some cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir.
3When can you start walking your puppy?
The puppy is given a comprehensive vaccination in two month, then we observe a two-week quarantine, and then we can go for the walks.

About Us

We dreamed about a dog for a long time. We chose this breed as it would be comfortable to live both in an apartment and in a country house. My husband saw a video of a happy, smiling fox in the internet and showed it to me. We both fell in love with this Welsh Corgi Pembroke. And soon, thanks to Fedorovich Valery Stefanovich, our beloved Lady appeared in the house. She brought a lot of happiness, joy and love to our family!

When we moved to the village, to the picturesque countryside, the dog had a huge free-range area, where you can walk in the shade of forest trees in hot summer and to rummage in snowdrifts in the winter.

We left the girl, the Brilliant Star, from the first Lady's litter and two girls, the New Star and the Yeti, from the second. We bought the boy Brian a little bit later.

Our dogs live in the ideal conditions: warm enclosures in the house, huge areas for walking, the owners' love for their pets.

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